20 September 2023

Declaration of principles for a new phase

The RFEF is aware of the absolute need to begin a new phase and close the institutional crisis that followed the victory in the World Cup of the National Team.

The Federation wants to show its support to all the international players who are going through these unfortunate circumstances and reiterates its apologies for what happened after the World Cup victory to each of them, particularly to Jenni Hermoso, immersed in a situation she did not create. We will always support them.

It is important to note, regarding the events of the past few hours, that at no time was it the intention of the RFEF to contribute more noise and pressure to the players.

In this regard, the RFEF deeply regrets that it has been considered this way due to the chosen method for the call-up for the upcoming matches.

During the past few days, we have reiterated our public commitment to make structural changes to start this absolutely necessary new phase, respecting criteria of good governance, transparency, and equality.

  • Governance, as integrity in the management of one's own affairs; independent, interference-free, autonomous, and decisive management.
  • Transparency, as a summary of the vocation and the need to open up to society, so that they know us and understand what we do, how we do it, and why what we do is best for Spanish football.
  • Equality as the third principle: equal opportunities for everyone; equality between genders and also among the different actors of football. Equality that can be summarized as ensuring that everyone has the same options to enjoy our sport safely, freely, and always aspiring to the highest levels of success.

We understand that the players need to feel that the Federation is their home, a safe environment where they can showcase their professionalism and sporting quality, holding the privilege of representing Spain.

The steps taken so far by the current leadership of the RFEF have always aimed at this objective. However, we acknowledge that until yesterday we haven't managed to create a climate of trust with the internationals.

We have expedited the changes planned by the Federation and have communicated this decision to both the CSD (Spanish Higher Sports Council) and the international players.

Spanish football deserves absolute recognition, and all of us who are part of it must come together to achieve it.