The UEFA License came into force in the 2004/2005 season through the enactment of the General Regulation of the UEFA License approved by the Delegate Commission of the General Assembly of the Royal Spanish Football Federation on July 17, 2003.

The Regulation is embedded into our national body of rules after several years of study and analysis by eight European federations acting as a pilot, among which was the Spanish Football Federation.

The completion of the work commissions concludes with the enactment of the aforementioned Regulation in each of the European countries, after having adapted to the internal legislation of each one of them and whose first objective would be to implement a system at the national level that sets quality standards to be applied by all Football Clubs.

Thus, obtaining the UEFA License by a Club means that it has met all the legally noted requirements, in that its sports organization is adequate, its infrastructures (stadium, facilities, etc.) comply with the applicable legislation, its structure of staff is professionally competent, its legal-corporate organization is suitable and it is financially sound.

Consequently, the UEFA License is more than just a sports authorization: it is a letter of introduction to the market, a diploma of good management, in short, it is a "Seal of Quality".

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