12 February 2024

Luis de la Fuente, as a sustainability ambassador, leads the RFEF plan for reforestation of Doñana natural park

The Royal Spanish Football Federation, together with the Junta de Andalucía and Plant for the Planet, has set in motion plans to offset the carbon footprint generated by the hosting of the Copa del Rey final at La Cartuja, with the planting of 8,900 trees.

The national coach, Luis de la Fuente, today became a "sustainability ambassador". In doing so he is the face leading the program of reforestation of the Doñana promoted by the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) to offset the carbon footprint generated by the final of the Copa del Rey.

To this end, the planting of more than 8,900 trees in the Doñana area recently devastated by a fire, which burned more than 9,500 hectares of forest in 2017, has been completed. The program is thanks to the agreement reached between the Federation and the Plant for the Planet Foundation, which has also been operating in this area in collaboration also with the Junta de Andalucía.

The national coach planted several trees, including wild olive and oaks trees, he went on to stress the importance of these actions, affirming "we must also plant the seeds of progress when it comes to environmentalism". Finally, he stressed how essential individual behaviour is for the protection of the environment.



Likewise, during the event (which was run by the director of Plant For Planet, Jordi Juanos, and supported by the Directorate General of Protected Natural Spaces, with its director José Enrique Bolallo), it was announced that the lower age group players will receive training in this area of sustainability. The aim is that they also become "ambassadors" for this cause and as such are given the power and visibility needed for them to set an example to society through the transmission of these values.

The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has measured the carbon footprint of large-scale events, such as the finals of the Copa del Rey, in La Cartuja, in order to find out the amount, reduce it and compensate for it. In the 2023 edition, this offsetting of the amount of carbon produced was announced through the reforestation of Andalusia initiative, specifically as part of these tree planting plans carried out in Doñana.