Psychology, one of the keys to the Spanish national team's success

National team psychologist, Emilio González Nosti, provides some insight into his work with the Spain internationals coached by Montse Tomé.

In the Spanish national team setup, equal importance is given to the physical preparation of the players as to their mental capacity to overcome difficulties thanks to psychological support.

This is where Emilio González Nosti comes in, psychologist for the national team that recently won the UEFA Women's Nations League. Emi, as he is affectionately known within the national team squad, explains his work with the internationals, going into details about the different types of sessions he holds with them, both group and individual, during each training camp.

For the coaching staff, working on mental strength is just as important as good physical preparation. For Emi, a national team coach as well as a psychologist, mental training helps players to overcome moments of stress in games