03 April 2024

The RFEF Management Commission unanimously approves the calling of presidential elections

  • The elections will take place on 6 May
  • The RFEF will initiate criminal proceedings against all those whose irregular conduct has damaged the institution's reputation or committed financial irregularities.
  • The management body strongly condemns any allegedly criminal conduct and demonstrates its commitment to pursuing the matter until its conclusion.


The Management Committee of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) this afternoon unanimously approved the call for elections for the Presidency of the institution. These elections are scheduled to take place on 6 May.

The call will be made official on Friday 5 April and published on Saturday 6 April. From Sunday 7 April there will be a period of 5 calendar days for the presentation of potential candidacies, each of which must have a minimum of 15% of the Assembly's endorsement. After that, there will be two days for possible appeals to the CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport), after which the candidate pool will be definitely confirmed.

These first elections will give way to a second electoral process to be held before the end of the year to elect the new Assembly. It will be the Assembly that will vote for the president for the next four years.

Wednesday's Management Committee, chaired by Pedro Rocha, also focused on the information and events of the last few hours and days, in relation to the former president of the RFEF, Luis Rubiales. In this sense, it has agreed to initiate criminal proceedings against all those who may have caused economic or reputational damage to the institution.

Football’s governing body wanted to strongly condemn any alleged irregular conduct and show its decision to "pursue perpetrators to the end". In fact, several criminal law firms have already been contacted to take action against those who may have acted disloyally towards the RFEF.

The Management Committee has also analysed the decision for the RFEF to prosecute the matter privately in this case and has also given the green light to a forensic audit that will allow information to be gathered on the actions that are being investigated during the period 2018-2023. In this sense, the intention is to help bring to light all the facts surrounding the matter and for the case to proceed to court, allowing for a final resolution and for the institution to turn the page on a turbulent period that has seriously damaged the image of Spanish football.

He has also provided an executive summary of the sporting progress achieved during these months under the current management, highlighting all the competitions run and the usual footballing activities related to the institution that directs football in Spain.

Finally, the president of the management, Pedro Rocha, announced his resignation, bringing to an end this transitional stage which has lasted almost seven months and which will pave the way for new elections. The Commission has decided that Rafael del Amo will head the management team during this electoral period.