A nutritionist so the players can devour the World Cup bite by bite

Gonzalo Garea takes care of the nutrition of the Spanish national team players during the final phase in New Zealand

If this Women's World Cup is groundbreaking for being the first to be held in the Southern Hemisphere, in terms of nutrition, it will also be the first in which Spain has an accredited sports nutritionist as part of its team.

Thus, the victories of the players in New Zealand aim to draw (and eat) from the diets and nutritional supplements established by Cantabrian Gonzalo Garea for the national team stars each day.

"The footballers usually like tuna and marinated salmon, along with ham, chicken, tofu, or vegetarian options," explains Gonzalo. From a nutritional standpoint, a World Cup like the one about to begin is "a very complex competition with a concentration that can last nearly two months, during which menus, supplementation, workload, specific nutrition, travel, logistics... all need to be considered. We often face challenges with raw materials due to being in a country as far away as New Zealand. There's a lot of back-office work that goes unnoticed in day-to-day operations."

This is how Gonzalo Garea's work unfolds. He acknowledges that he has been warmly welcomed in this, his first experience in a tournament of this nature, constantly coordinating with the medical team and the kitchen of a team eager to devour this World Cup and do so while being well nourished.