Nations League semi-final moves to La Cartuja

Cádiz is unable to host the national team’s Nations League semi-final due to maintenance work that will be underway on the stadium’s pitch. As such, the situation has forced the Andalusian regional government to propose a new stadium to the RFEF.

The semi-final of the UEFA Women's Nations League will now be played on 23 February at the La Cartuja in Seville stadium, as confirmed today by the RFEF and the Junta de Andalucía. The moves followed the Andalusian government announcing that it was impossible for the women’s national team to play this match at the Mirandilla stadium.

The RFEF regrets the inconvenience that this situation may have caused to fans, and will refund all tickets to those who have already purchased them.

The fixture location was announced by the RFEF, based on the current agreement with the Junta de Andalucía, on 26 December. Shortly after, and having being informed of their league fixture calendar year on 30 January, Cádiz CF informed the RFEF that it was impossible for the national team to play at its home ground on the Friday of the match. Consequentially, the Junta de Andalucía, which has offered La Cartuja as an alternative venue for the semi-final, informed the RFEF of this impediment to the original plans.

Regarding the tickets, within 48 hours, all those who bought tickets for the match in Cadiz will receive a full refund directly to the bank account with which the purchase was made. The time it takes for the refund to appear in their accounts will depend on their bank.

For the semi-final match at La Cartuja, the following prices and promotions have been established:

  • CAT 1 - 20€
  • CAT 2 - 15€
  • CAT 3 – 10€
  • CAT 4 – 5€
  • VR (Reduced Visibility) – 5€

Additionally, at the time of purchase and regardless of the price category chosen, a 2 for 1 promotion will be applied automatically.


Tickets for this match will go on sale on Monday 12 February at 12:00.


Both the prices and the advance sale for the possible final or 3rd/4th place that the Spanish national team will play, remain the same.