15 Diciembre 2020

The Royal Spanish Federation (RFEF) and the Mexican Football Association (FMF) joint forces to strengthen football in both countries

The president of the RFEF, Luis Rubiales, and the president of the FMF, Yon de Luisa Plazas, signed a collaboration agreement on Monday

The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) and the Mexican Football Association (FMF) will collaborate from today in the development of football exchanging knowledge, promoting women's football and organising friendly matches between Spain and Mexico, as reflected in the agreement signed on Monday by the president of the RFEF, Luis Rubiales, and his Mexican counterpart, Yon de Luisa Plazas.

Telematically, both representatives had the will to seal the collaboration between the two entities this Monday, which will enrich the football scene of both nations in a mutual and solidarity way for the next three years.

The president of the RFEF, Luis Rubiales, "today will be the beginning of a great stage in the relationship between the two associations", while noting that "we have much to learn from Mexico and we believe that we can also contribute to this huge country in several ways. We have started a path and we want to strengthen relations by organising matches even between the two national teams as soon as the pandemic makes it possible."

This three-year agreement, which, in Rubiales' words, is "between two institutions that consider football as a tool of improvement for the most vulnerable and for those who aspire to improve day by day", implies the contractual continuation of the visit made last year by representatives of the Mexican Football Association to the headquarters of the RFEF.

Therefore, for the head of the FMF, Yon de Luisa Plazas, "it is a source of great enthusiasm for the Mexican Football Association this collaboration agreement with the RFEF. Working closely will allow us to continue on an upward path in a fruitful relationship of support and work between the two institutions."

Thus, based on the objective of promoting football as an instrument for international understanding, knowledge and experience will be shared at operational level, programming technical assistance missions, facilitating the scheduling of matches between the two national teams, promoting professionalisation and promote women's football.

In addition, social integration projects will be supported through the practice of football for vulnerable populations; knowledge and experience will be exchanged in strategic planning and competition organisation; research, training and advisory activities will be carried out to promote the sporting development of both associations and a comprehensive training plan will be worked on for coaches, physical trainers and referees and allow access to strategic resources, trainings and development programmes.

In short, with this agreement reached between these two associations, progress will be achieved in the development of a vital sport for both nations that belong to the Ibero-American community as Spanish-speaking countries and at the same time world powers at football level in their own world confederations.