Organization chart

Organization chart

It consists of the Governing and Representative bodies of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, the General Assembly and its Delegate Commission, and the President. Complementary bodies consist of the Board of Directors and the Commission of Presidents of the Autonomous Community Federations. Technical bodies is comprised of the Referees' Technical Committee and the Coaches' Committee. Internally, the General Secretary's Office, the Legal Department and the Management. In addition to all the aforementioned, there are other bodies such as Leagues, Committees, Commissions of Sports Discipline and extra-judicial settlement Committees.

They are responsible, depending on the case, for the governance, administration, management, organization and regulation of football.


The RFEF bodies are:

A) Government, Representation, and Management

  1. General Assembly and its Delegated Commission
  2. The President
  3. The Board Of Directors


B) Of the supervisory bodies

  1. The Audit and External Economic Control Committee: Mr. Javier Sesé Lafalla
  2. The Regulatory Compliance Committee
  3. Supervisory body for the management of audiovisual rights of the RFEF


C) Complementary bodies

  1. Commission of Presidents of the Autonomous Community Federations


D) Technical bodies

  1. Referees Technical Committee: Mr. Luis Medina Cantalejo
  2. Coaches Committee: Mr. David Gutiérrez Sáiz


E) Internal regime

  1. General Secretary


F) Social responsibility

  1. The Corporate Social Responsibility Committee
  2. The Committee on Guarantees of Non-Discrimination
  3. The Committee on the Integration of People with Disabilities 


G) Sports discipline, competitions, jurisdictional and ethics


H) Leagues and national Committees

  1. National Football League
  2. National Committee of Professional Football Clubs
  3. National Committees of Professionalized Competitions
  4. The National Amateur Football Committee: Mr. José Ignacio Gómez Mardones
  5. The National Futsal Committee: Mr. José Miguel Monje Carrillo
  6. The National Futsal League: Mr. Javier Lozano Cid
  7. The National Women's Amateur Football Committe
  8. The National Beach Soccer Committee: Mr. Diego Martínez Gómez
  9. Gender and inclusive sport
  10. And those others that the President deems appropriate to constitute in each term of office.